miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2008

Arrival to the Philippines!!

This was my second trip to the Phillippines so i was kind of expert on this and was ready to feel the heat under my shoulders and start sweating from the second 2 when i got out of the Airport.

On the plane i met some spanish people, one is Oriol, he is staying in the Philippines for a month, till the 23rd of august and he became my first non-filipino friend here. We started the experience together and it was great to have someone to share all my impresions about what was waiting for us in Manila.

Oriol and the robinson's Cakes !!

The other people is a half spanish half philippine family that invited Oriol and me to visit their relatives in Manila, and so we did. They were crazy, funny and friendly, the perfect combination!! I would like to thank them for everything they did for us.

Spanish-Philippine Family Thanks for everything :)

From now on i will probably most of the times refer to us (oriol and me), since we have being exploring and traveling together all this time.

Ok back to the arrival, i will not go into many details, a taxi was waiting for me to drive to the hotel, these are the advantages of travelling for business hehehe. In my company they booked a Suite for me with living room, kitchen, 2 TV , microwave, fridge, Hi-fi sound system and internet. Moreover i had transportation from the hotel already paid by the company :).

My first home in Manila

That is all for now so... smile please !!

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witzbahlam dijo...

un saludo, mr barrasa!

por lo que cuentas en ambos posts estas describiendo tambien la india. no se si has visto las fotos que tengo en el facebook pero mas o menos retratan la misma realidad.

yo, como soy mas picoto, pues me lo callo, despotrico y luego no lo comento con tu gracia y salero. jejeje

una lastima que el potorrismo filipino sea a base de irse de compras. como muy bien dices "you play or not".

un abrazo y a darle caña!

EduOne dijo...

what a great guy you are!!
and not only for your size mate..
love your blog!!
Take care with the philippines.. there are also here!really pretty girls..
Hugs from Australia!

barrasa8 dijo...

Eyy witz, estoy seguro que se parece muchisimo a lo que viviste en la India, solo que aqui no huele tan... llamemoslo fuerte xD.

Los Filipinos son super aseados y de esto tb comentare algo en otro post. :).

Edu, te veo fino con el ingles !! Queda pendiente visitarte, al menos lo voy a intentar si no es muy caro el billete. Un abrazo !!

Anónimo dijo...

Hey there,

Como estas. Gone through your blog and read most about of your visits and experiences in Manila. Well, just as short intro of myself, I'm a guy staying in North Borneo (Malaysia) and will be visiting Manila this coming oct until early november. There will be 4 of us and still could not decide which place to visit. Our original plan was to visit pasay city but according to a friend of mine who been to manila recently, pasay is not a good place to visit and he suggested me to visit Malate instead. Searched in the net and found out that Makati is the business center and ended up searching Malate and Makati and pros and cons between both cities.. and found your blog (Malate vs Makati). I got lot of input from your blog and continue doing our research on the right place to visit. Well, since all of us are postgraduate students (and certainly it is study week during our trip), time will is totally limited. Will be there for only 10 days and unsure whether we will able to visit most of the famous landmarks and interesting places in Manila... Done few research but it was only centered in Pasay city. Do you have any suggestion of which place to visit in Malate or Makati and which place is totally safe to visit? (I know there are lot of "hidden" place that can only be found by ourself) Your suggestion is much appreciated. Cheers. Steward (darren15_my@yahoo.co.uk)