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Malate vs Makati

Today i would like to speak about the ''2'' realities in Manila. In Manila you can find 2 different scenarios, as an example of the first one is Makati City (Business center), Here you can find clean streets, high buildings, well dressed people, good bars, restaurants, shops, everything reminds me to European countries.

Makati City @ night

But this is not the reality, In Manila the 42 % of the population lives under the poverty threshold, as and example is Malate, an area in Manila City (See map of Metro-Manila). In Malate is where I found the biggest contrast, on one side you have a big Mall, lot of people shopping, eating, having a drink...etc, as soon as you get out of the mall and cross the street you can find people begging for money, and what is worst, not only homeless people but homeless families, all of them sleeping in the street, garbage everywhere, kids coming to you and grabbing your t-shirt in order to atract your attention and ask you for a few coins.

Malate streets
Beside all this, Malate is one of the best places to go out, is full of bars with live music and lot of people hang out there among all that sad scenario.

Live music Bed Rock Malate

The first time I went out there it was with Oriol and some spanish people we met, it was a great night and we had a lot of fun, Oriol and I experimented how things work in the night life regarding girls hehehe. If you are a foreigner you will be sorrounded by girls trying to dance with you, they will just dance. You dont have to try to do anything (In public Phillippine people doesnt do anything even if they have a gf), later they will come to you, give you her cellphone number and then is when the game starts.

Potorrismo Filipino

I will ilustrate this with Oriol's experience hehehee (I already asked for permission for this). He met a girl in the bar, he almost did not speak to her, they just danced, she gave him her phone number, after 2 days they met for dinner. ATTENTION !!! The very first moment they met in the street she took his hand as if they were a couple, they went to a restaurant and she was playing the whole time under the table, she even feed him and after that they went to Oriol's hostel. I will not give more details, just a picture of the girl.

Oriol's "friend"

The story does not end here, next date he was supposed to have, the girld text him (everything here works with sms), and wrote : "If we meet today you will buy me boots ?" :|, after this Oriol didnt reply and it was clear he was not going to play that game.

This is also the the sad part here, many girls would come to foreigners because of the money and is simple to see old people (45-50) not specially good looking, with beautiful young girls (20-25) . So, it is a matter of principals if you decide to play or not that game.

More stories to come, stay tuned and smile please :).

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Anónimo dijo...

hey chaval dile a tu amigo que si se creia que habia ligao es mas ingenuo de lo normal y que si ya sabia lo que tenia entre manos bueno mejor dicho entre las piernas me parece muy mal que se aprobechase de ella sin darle nada a cambio

Anónimo dijo...

Jajaja! I had a great time reading you blog!

about the girls, i think you could find those who seek foreigners for some cash everywhere, even in the US and Europe, unfortunately given the present condition of the country, they had been growing in numbers.

Enjoy your stay en Manila!

un abrazo