jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

More Malate lifestyle

Magandang hapon! (good afternoon), I will talk a little bit more about Malate, my favorite area in Manila for many reasons:
  1. Is located in the center of Manila city.
  2. Is where Intramuros is (small city sorrounded by walls that belong to the Spanish period)
  3. Nightlife full of bars with life music.
  4. Represents the real Manila, as i said in my previous post.
  5. Is where I found the cheapest but nice Spa. (600 php = 9 euros for 2 hours body massage)
Coming back to night life in Malate, the first time there it was a full experience. First speaking with the taxi driver, he warned me about that place. There are pick pockets, people that try to exchange you money in the street using fake money, hypnotic people (it doesnt matter wether you believe in this or not) i experienced a man tried to do that with me but i didnt stare at his eyes, didnt want to proof if it was real or not.

Last Thursday Oriol took a video from the streets in Malate, it was not that busy at that time so you will not get the real feeling as when you walk there and the kids come to you grabbing your hand and asking for money, people try to convince you to go to a place where you can get a chic easily, etc ...

Malate Streets Day

Malate Streets Night

As you see in the video from malate at night, it is impressive the big amount of kids everywhere. Philippines families have around 4 or 5 kids average, i met people with 8 or 9 kids.

In Malate is also where Oriol works at the Instituto Cervantes, the institution that promotes the Spanish culture and language across the world and i would like to show you another video where Oriol shows his work place.

Instituto Cervantes

As i previously mentioned, Malate is a place that will not leave you indifferent if you pass by or hang out there. My first 10 min in Malate was a big shock, i was with some other friends on the street, children coming to us begging for money, 2 or 3 guys coming to us with big sticks and beside me a man with snakes in his hands trying to selling them to me :D. But it was more impressive to see that the guys with the sticks were not coming for us but for the kids, they were hitting the ground with them to make the children run away and stop disturbing us. This is Malate and this is Phillippines, a place were everything works somehow and nobody tries to change it.

Next episode... Traffic jams in Manila and products price list !!

Smile please :)

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