martes, 26 de agosto de 2008

Product and services price list !

This a some interesting figures for you to have an idea of how cheap life can be here for European people:

(All prices are in euros)

1-Real estate:

  • Buy: example, 90 square meters in a good area of Manila, the capital will cost around 30000€ with building swimmingpool and aircon in the flat.
  • Rent:Studio from 25€ (no air con not furnished) to 300€ (fully furnished, gym, swimming pool and air con)
  • Restaurant: from 1.5€ to 9-12€(in a very expensive bar)
  • Hyper market:Milk products are quite expensive, like Cheese (100 gr 4€), Chorizo and stuff like that is difficult to find and really expensive, i paid 8€ for 6 chorizos from Spain.
  • Fruits imported are expensive, 6 apples 2.5€.
  • Seafood is CHEAP!! you can buy alive seafood in a place and go straight to the bar where they will cook it and spend 4-5€.
  • Imported alcohol is expensive as in Europe i would say but the local one: Tanduay Ruhm 8 years 1.2€ 1 litter. San Miguel beer: 1€ 6 bottles.
  • Marlboro 1€
4-Clothes: As in Europe the fake clothes are found here.
  • Lacoste polo 5-6€
  • fake shoes Nike, vans, Adidas, etc... 10-15€
  • Basketball clothes: 5€ pants and 5€ T-shirt

  • Massage: 1 hour 5€
  • Taxi: The longest distance inside metro-Manila 5€
  • Haircut: 2€

If you are curious about any particular thing that you would like to know the price let me know :)

Smile please !!

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