martes, 26 de agosto de 2008

Traffic jam as way of life !!

In big cities is where the proximity to our work becomes crucial and even more in Manila where the public transport is close to NULL, only 2 "metro lines" ( a train that goes over the road), for a Metropolis of 11,553,427 million people where the most popular way of transport is the jeepney.


They are manufactured in The Philippines and they start being totally grey, the colour of the metal and their owners start pimping their Jeepneys getting results like this:

Pimped Jeepney !

Other way of transports:


Pimped Tricycle

And of course the Taxi, is what i usually take cause is not expensive for foreigners and you dont have to wait for schedules(they dont know what is schedule in Philippines xD ).


This is a global picture of the transport situation in Manila


Experiencing the Traffic jam

As you can see from the videos, the transport in Manila is a chaos and the lack of traffic lights and signs does not help at all. Fortunately i found a nice place to stay close to the office, about 5-10 min without traffic and till 20 if there is traffic.

Next post full of product and services price !!

Smile please :)

3 comentarios:

witzbahlam dijo...

esto de los jeepneys me recuerda a la india pero con colores mas vivos y diseños mas burros. en la india lo que mas se decora son los camiones.

debe ser una constante en el sur de asia? aun asi, es un gran derroche de imaginacion e individualismo, ya que nos ponemos.

sin embargo, en cuanto a caos circulatorio no lo veo tan claro, hay que ver como se pone a veces aqui en barcelona o en madrid.

un saludo!

barrasa8 dijo...

Eyy witz !! quizas el video no refleja bien lo que es en realidad, pero es una pasada la de trafico que hay y lo que se tarda en ir de A a B.

Todos los dias hay atascos masivos, es un infiernooooo!!

Como mola el mono !!!

Anónimo dijo...

yeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Isma que pardillo q soy, no sabia q se podian hacer comentarios jejejeje..........
Ya veo q te mueves por esos barrios mamón pedazo de jamba jajajaj....
Bueno tio disfruta mucho q seguro q lo haces ;) y que se te hecha mucho de menos.
Un abrazo brother!!!