miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2008

Welcome to The Philippines !!

Hello everyone,

This blog is where i am going to reflect all my thoughts and experiences while i am working in Philippines from 16th July 2008 to 16th January 2009. I will write it in English since i think is the way more people will be able to follow it. And also a good way of forcing your self to learn English for the ones that are not good in it.

Smile please!!


P.D. Como ya he mencionado arriba, el blog sera en ingles, asi que los que os cuesta o os da pereza espero que hagais un esfuerzo y de paso os sirva para mejorar vuestra habilidad con el idioma universal.

2 comentarios:

David dijo...

ok dude,We are clever people,jajaja.

But think there are ones who only know Albacete's english (like gomaespuminglish,jaja),just be comprehensive.

take care of yourself and bring us beautiful presents (pretty filipinians,etc,jaja)

Manolo Pérez dijo...

Hi Ismael! I reached your blog by chance. Nice idea to write it in english. Oriol is not more in Manila but Instituto Cervantes Library is still open to anyone interested in spanish and Latin American culture. I very agree about your Malate's interpretation and appreciation. Good luck amigo!