domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008


Next stop in my journey across Philippines was the most famous and touristic spot in here, the island of BORACAY!! The name already sounds exotic as Bali, Tahiti or Fiji could sound. Is not only a nice and beautiful island where you can relax, but is also a party reference for holidays.  

As you might guess, since Philippines is a country composed of more then 7000 islands the fastest and more convenient way to travel is the plane, is pretty cheap and the schedule time is very well thought so that people could travel early in the morning and come back late in the evening. Our flight was at 5AM Friday, we were tired but with a smile thinking about the beach and the sun. 

Candie and Girlie

The weather forecast was not very optimistic, they said it would rain and it would be cloudy but when we arrived a rainbow was giving us the welcome to paradise!! 

Welcome to Boracay!!

Boracay is basically one long white beach divided by stations(1,2,3 being 1 the most expensive one). You can find really fancy resorts and very rustic ones, there is a good offer for all the pockets.  As you can see below in the map there are different areas but the most popular places are station 1,2,3.

 Bora Bora Boracay!! 

Station 2 Luxurious resort 

Zone 2 our resort. It costed about 4 euros per night with aircon and hammock.  

 That's life!!

The beach in Boracay is simply beautiful, it was my first time in a white beach and it was amazing to be able to be in this island considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  

Where is my coco nut? 

Ohhh there it is!! 

I tried for the first time snorkling and although it is not the best place to practice it, I was amazed by the different kind of  fishes we could see just below us.

Snorkling was definitely fun!

Say "PA-TA-TA" !!

After all the activities during the day we went to what in Philippines they call Dampa or Palenque. Is actually a fish market with fresh seafood, you can buy very cheap fresh seafood and bring it to any of the nearby bars, they will cook it for you.

We are staaaarving, bring the food!!

A few days ago Jehan introduced me to one of his friends, he lives most of his time in Boracay and he promotes the island, he is also a musician and made a song called BORA BORA BORACAY, very famous in Philippines. With this song i leave you till the next adventure.

Smile please :)

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

2008-08-10- Wakeboarding

After the success of the surfing trip, the next stage was trying to learn wakeboarding. This time was only, Jehan, Michele, Kathy and me. All of them tried before and could do it, but would i be able to wakeboard?

This time we drove around 2 hours to go to Taal lake in Tagaytay

In the middle of the lake is the Volcano

 Again the price was standard, 55 euros for 2 days, including food, acomodation for one night, boat and 1 hour of wakeboarding each day with the rental for the equipment. 

Our resort was on the shore of the lake as you can see from the picture below.

When it comes to wakeboarding the boat is very very important because is wat will pull you and make the waves that wake boarders use to jump and do all the tricks, our boat was the best in the Philippines, it can create huge waves that are perfect for jumping and making the tricks.

Getting into the boat!!

Wakeboarding time!!! 


What  you see at the background is the Taal Volcano, is a volcano in the middle of the lake, apparently you can go on top of it and there are some warm springs where you can have a relaxing bath. I havent tried that yet though.

Dani and Michele 

Dani is a Kathy and Michele´s friend and he is from Barcelona, he owns a spanish restaurant in Manila. 

And here I am, giving my best!!

Go Isma !!

After all the practice i just woke up once and sank straight away, definitely is not my sport.

Since i suck in wakeboarding my attitude next day was the best i could have.

Lay down and enjoy the show from the pros !!

Dani in action!! Using the big wave from the boat 

...And why not, take some pics from kathy, Michele and Jehan.

 Michele and Kathy

 Jehan aka ¨Manila Party and trips reference!!¨

Sunset was beautiful at the end of the day. 

It was two great days on the lake with quite good weather, it only rain a couple of hours the second day, and i found out that if i wanna learn any water sport, wakeboarding is definitely not a good choice for me.

Smile please!!

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

2008-08-03- Surf Trip in La Union

I am finally back to business and found some time to write in the blog, i have been traveling around and visiting different places in and out Philippines.

This was my very first trip since I arrived to stay here for the next 6 months. I went with Oriol and other people we met to San Juan (La Union), the trip was organized by Jehan.

It was a 2 days trip with over night in a house on the beach, all the trip costed around 55€ including car, driver, acomodation, food and drinks, one hour of surf lessons and eco-tour trail with guides and transportation.

The ride was about 5 hours with a van, 8 people, Thomas and Patricia(France), Russel (Scotland), Jehan, Rose and Laxmi (Philippines), Oriol and me.

 The Trip crew!! 

We arrived early in the morning, we had a quick nap and we started hour surf lectures J.

Time to practice the basics!!

And there i go!! Balance Balance !!

 My instructor the best !! 

At night we had some drinks and food with the surf instructors. Some people had more fun then others and got really wasted hehehe.

It was Laxmi's Bday too :)
 An improvised cake and candle for my Bday!!

Next day was the eco-tour, it consisted in a trail in the mountain across the forest and the rice terraces till we reached the waterfalls.

For the hike we were supposed to where our hiking boots but everyone forgot them on the beach and we did it with flip flops or bare foot directly, at times it was hard but it was a complete experience walking on the mud.

 Ready for hiking? Where are the boots? xD

 Views where simple beautiful.

Sometimes there was no trail at all.

Some parts of the river where really slippery and it was dangerous, you could fall and hit your head with a rock.

Small break before doing the last part till the waterfalls.

 And there we are !!! 

We were soooo happy when we saw the waterfalls that we forgot it was still left all the way back. While coming back it started to rain really heavy but it was very nice to do all the way back under rain. The temperature was around 30 degrees and the rain was refreshing.

More to come soon... meanwhile smile please !!