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2008-08-10- Wakeboarding

After the success of the surfing trip, the next stage was trying to learn wakeboarding. This time was only, Jehan, Michele, Kathy and me. All of them tried before and could do it, but would i be able to wakeboard?

This time we drove around 2 hours to go to Taal lake in Tagaytay

In the middle of the lake is the Volcano

 Again the price was standard, 55 euros for 2 days, including food, acomodation for one night, boat and 1 hour of wakeboarding each day with the rental for the equipment. 

Our resort was on the shore of the lake as you can see from the picture below.

When it comes to wakeboarding the boat is very very important because is wat will pull you and make the waves that wake boarders use to jump and do all the tricks, our boat was the best in the Philippines, it can create huge waves that are perfect for jumping and making the tricks.

Getting into the boat!!

Wakeboarding time!!! 


What  you see at the background is the Taal Volcano, is a volcano in the middle of the lake, apparently you can go on top of it and there are some warm springs where you can have a relaxing bath. I havent tried that yet though.

Dani and Michele 

Dani is a Kathy and Michele´s friend and he is from Barcelona, he owns a spanish restaurant in Manila. 

And here I am, giving my best!!

Go Isma !!

After all the practice i just woke up once and sank straight away, definitely is not my sport.

Since i suck in wakeboarding my attitude next day was the best i could have.

Lay down and enjoy the show from the pros !!

Dani in action!! Using the big wave from the boat 

...And why not, take some pics from kathy, Michele and Jehan.

 Michele and Kathy

 Jehan aka ¨Manila Party and trips reference!!¨

Sunset was beautiful at the end of the day. 

It was two great days on the lake with quite good weather, it only rain a couple of hours the second day, and i found out that if i wanna learn any water sport, wakeboarding is definitely not a good choice for me.

Smile please!!

3 comentarios:

Jose dijo...

que cabrón! que bien te lo pasás! que envidia. Se mira pijudisimo y supongo que no debe ser muy caro. Maje estás maás flaco.

barrasa8 dijo...

aun he adelgazado mas, tengo que subir de kilos, esto de estar fuera de casa no es bueno !!!

Zumi dijo...

Wow! Ang gandan naman and it seems that you had a great experience there. I wish to try also wakeboarding. I will refer this site also to my friend.