miércoles, 10 de diciembre de 2008


The smallest island ever!! At least the smallest i have been so far, but i guess it wont be the only one in a country with more then 7000 islands.

Potipot from the boat

Potipot Island is located roughly 1 km from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. Uacon is about 240+km from Manila by road.

As usual Filipinos make business out of anything, is very common to charge money when you go to certain islands or beaches.

We thought it was a joke.

We spent 2 days and brought tents to sleep in the island, we also brought some food and drinks.

Dave couldnt stop his addiction to Alcohol.

For you to have an idea about the dimensions of the island, you can turn around the island in 10-15 min. There is not much to do but relax, swim and get tun.

We tried to help Dave bringing some soft drinks to the shore.

In this tinny island you forget about time, polution, stress and civilitation. only a cell phone is needed to text the resort and ask for a boat to bring you back to the other shore.

The other shore.

Although is a very small place, is possible to find cool areas like this:

Potitpo east side.

Great frame for some pics.

The shore was full of little crabs, really cute and funny running over the sand, i loved them till the night came down and we were sleeping on the shore. You may think, woowwowow, lost in a little island, under the stars, with the relaxing sound of the sea and feeling the thin white sand... uhmmm beautiful.

I was thinking the same when i started to feel 
moskitos and crabs biting me!! Death to all !!

Anecdote from the trip:

Nicola stepped on Rambo and she claimed:
"eeeeeeeeew that rat thing! i would do it all over again if i had to!"

Poor Rambo, in fact RambA.

Our trip could be summarized with the activity we practiced 70% of the time:


It is a perfect destination if you wanna disconnect from the crazyness of the city. The guys were feeling sad because we were leaving.

Come on dont be sad !!, we will be back next year!! 

Next trip Bohol,
Smile please :).